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Let's partner with you to deliver the desired results on your next project. 

At TechXpress, service is more than just product delivery.  Service is one of our core values. We take ownership of every project, from beginning to end, so as to ensure that we deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, just as we desire for ourselves. Contact us today, we would love to be of service to you. 

Offset Printing

Digital Printing

Large Format Printing

Offset Printing provides a higher and more consistent quality of  printing.  Images and text are sharper and cleaner. Offset printing is used primarily for printing  jobs of larger quantities  with flexible time lines. This is generally a less expensive printing option because the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price.

Website Designs

No organisation can afford to be a stranger to the internet. More and more businesses are realising the tremendous benefit of an online presence.
TechXpress has the right solutions to get you online with a well presented, professional and appealing web site, that is suitably priced to meet your budget, while surpassing your expectations. Your visitor would  encounter the ease of navigating, in a quick loading, aesthetically friendly online environment.

Digital Printing is the best option for small quantity (short-run)  printing jobs which require the quickest possible turnaround. Variable Data Printing is possible with this method of printing. Digital printing is a cost-effective method for full colour or black & white booklets, CD/DVD insert, business cards, catalogues, magazines, manuals or multi-page brochures of small quantities.

Graphics Designs

TechXpress has the right visual solution for you, to ensure that your corporate identity, marketing material and publications are in keeping with the objectives of your organisation. Our graphics, layout and design concepts would exceed your expectations, not your budget!

- Press Ads
- Letterheads
- Business Cards
- Presentation Folders
- Newsletters
- Calendars
- Brochures

- Flyer

- Posters
- Billboards
- Booklets
- Books
- Greeting Cards
- CD/DVD Label

- & much more

Large Format Digital Printing is used to produce oversized posters, banners, decals, retail displays and other advertising visuals intending to deliver your message with impact. Backdrops and custom-printed wall paper can be printed to virtually any dimension.

Media Advertising

TechXpress has partnered with some of the most competent and dynamic professionals in the media advertising and mass communications industry, to offer a variety of high quality media advertising packages for businesses and other organisations. If you want your product or company to be known, we have the right solution with our: High Definition Videography;  Rich lighting; Intuitive editing; Creative story-boarding; skilled personnel

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